There goes Fiverr!

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

After months of wrecking our brain on how to recover from the damage Fiverr has done, we've popped up off the thinking couch with a brand new idea: "Locating professional designers NEAR YOU" (NOT A FOREIGN COUNTRY LIKE ISRAEL, INDIA or PAKISTAN).

After so many complaints and so many "damage repairs" for our clients we've decided to revamp our concept to provide you with a SECURE site to find the best freelance graphic designers and experts right here in the United States. Even better; as we pull in new talents, you'll be able to work with a certified professional freelancer, or design firm near you. No more being left hanging by designers from foreign countries.

We know you all like to save money, but how much money do you actually save by hiring an inexperienced designer who knows NOTHING about your market OR your audience. You don't save any, YOU LOOSE everything you spend with designs that Don't appeal to your market AT ALL. We're here to save the day once again!

Search for what you need with ease and without a million bids to sift through. Work with expert freelancers, or established American design firms to ensure you are not wasting your money. All of our designers are pre-qualified in each area of expertise, as we prescribe each designer, or firm according to their areas of expertise, instead of listing a brand range of services. This way you know your designer is an EXPERT at delivering what you need and not just trying to make an extra buck by offering services they are not good at. Our mission: The long-term success of your business with a competitive edges over your competition.

Choose form a wide range of freelance design services including, but not limited to; Ad Design, Branding Design, Commercial Production, Graphic Design, Presentation Design, Social Media Design, TV & Media Design, Web & Website Design, Printing and more.

Be on the lookout. It's coming REALLY SOON!
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