Branding encompasses three different elements. First, there is the visual brand that aesthetically represents what you’re all about: the design of your logo, website, and materials. Then there is the messaging that communicates what you do and why you’re different, which includes all of the copy and your tagline. Finally, there is the positioning of your brand, which bleeds into your business plan and structure.


When a firm offers “branding,” however, it may be referring to only one or two aspects. To decide which one your business needs, you must take into account where you are in the evolution of your business, assess your current challenges and goals, and determine the best partner to address them.


A complete Visual Branding Comprehensive Package  $2,500.00


Business Logo/Brand

  • Research
  • Style Guide
  • Usage Guide


Business Stationary

  • (Envelope + Letterhead) 
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs


Brand Awareness

  • PDF Presentations
  • Product Packaging


Web Design

  • (Envelope + Letterhead) 
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs

Business Branding & Identity


    We will provide a questionnaire to help you articulate the unique attributes of your business: your mission, capabilities, ideal clients, current reputation, and where you want to take your brand in the future. We survey the visual identities of your competitors. In many cases, we provide inspirational images to get your feedback. This research phase sets the direction for the design work to come.



    The cornerstone of your company’s visual identity. After completing research and establishing a direction with you, our designers sketch and refine ideas until we have the best 2-3 logo concepts to present to you. Each concept will be applied to mock products to test how it would work in the “real world.” Your favorite solution will be selected and refined. Includes a final bundle of files suitable for every application, from print to web to promotional items and more, and unrestricted usage rights.



    A printable PDF document that ensures consistency in future communications. Elements include logo usage, primary color palette, secondary color palette, typography selection, photo or illustration style, graphic lines or shapes, a custom pattern, or other elements unique to your brand.



    A cheat sheet that explains the differences between the logo file formats you’ll receive: vector vs. raster files, differences between file types (EPS, JPG, PNG, PDF), and the meaning of different color systems (CMYK, RGB, and Pantone). The guide will help you pick the right logo file whenever you need to use one.




    3 Custom flyer/ad templates designed in co-ordinance with your brands styling guide




    A customized e-commerce website to match your unique brand, and gather new business with up to 6 pages of content that allows you to make your own edits, post blogs, send newsletters and more without any coding knowledge. Cost of hosting and domain name registration not included. Client or copywriter to supply the copy is recommended.


    Alternatively, a website update could be quoted separately after discussing your needs.



    Custom e-mail newsletter template designed in co-ordinance with your brands styling guide.



    Profile image and cover banner for up to three social media platforms, ready for you to upload.

  • Customers are eligible for 100% refund on all orders  within 24 hours of request, or in the event that more than 24 hours has expired without the job being placed into production.  Once jobs have been placed into production and time has been spent on a particular project, the customer will be given the refunded balance of any time  left to spend on the project. Gruvy/PROCREATIVE will provide the customer with an accurate account of time spent on projects where a refund is required.

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